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Why Sunshowers?

Sunshowers are one of my favorite weather phenomena, right next to a warm summer breeze.

Why Zen?

I am extremely inspired by the gentle and peaceful approach of the renowned Zen master, Thich Naht Hahn. Listening to his talks and reading his words has deepened my experience of myself and the world around me. I strive to use his wisdom as a guideline for my behavior, for my thoughts, and for my personal growth.



I started this blog at the beginning of 2017 as part of my new year’s goals to share my journey with anyone who would find it useful, helpful, or inspirational. I tend to overthink things, become neurotic about making decisions, all the while maintaining the hope for being a calmer, kinder person, and living a more sustainable lifestyle. Anyone else?

I got engaged just after Christmas, and my fiance and I are currently planning a wedding (or more like I’m planning and every so often asking for his feedback). Our goal is to have a green wedding, while maintaining the integrity and character of our historic venue. I am fascinated by this past century (ok even a little further back); the designs, the materials (read: life before plastic and modern consumerism), the flattering clothes, the natural materials, the jewelry, the hairstyles, the form fitting gowns…it’s glamorous and magical and unknown. What WAS life like during those days? I always wonder as I walk through the historic districts of NYC. Vintage collecting is also fun because it’s essentially green – you’re upcycling and reusing old things. So for those that may not share my interests in veganism and sustainability, you’re sure to enjoy the adventures of my vintage obsession.


With love,


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